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Houston Probate Attorneys

We are experienced probate attorneys who handle cases in Houston, Texas.  This includes routine probates, probate disputes, will contests, and more.

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When someone dies, their heirs and other interested parties have to piece together the information needed to probate the estate.  There are a number of documents and information to locate, including information about: The original documents, including wills and trusts, birth certificate and Social Security card (for the decedent and children), marriage licenses and divorce decrees,…Continue...
There are times when a minor or child needs to open a checking or savings account.  This begs the question, can a child legally open a bank account?  Texas law addresses this. Minority Laws in Texas Generally In Texas, an individual is a minor if they are younger than 18 years of age. The law…Continue...
The Haga v. Thomas, No. 01–12–00218–CV (Tex. App.–Houston (1st Dist.) 2013) case provides an example of why wills need to be updated after divorce.  While Texas law provides a remedy for when a will names a former spouse as executor and beneficiary, as demonstrated in the court case, the remedy does not always apply. Facts and…Continue...
Texas wills are frequently challenged in court.  This often happens when one or more heirs feels that there was some wrongdoing or error that caused them to receive less than their fair share.  There are a number of grounds for challenging a will in Texas.  Here are the top 8 grounds for challenging a Texas…Continue...
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