JM Francis

Kreig, is a diligent, and capable professional. I highly recommend him. My business is the development of real estate. Partnership agreements whether new, or existing can pose challenges if things go bad. We try to do agreements that can be unwound with the least damage to partners. Kreig utilizes his expertise as a tax attorney, and CPA to analyze problems, solve them or provide advice. He has worked on a number of my matters. He always meets deadlines for deliverables, and provides excellent work products.

serena wells

Erin was super kind and answered every question and concerns I had

Brenda Anderson

Customer service was friendly. Erin was honest about my specific situation with collaboration. I was given useful feedback.

Monte Starks

Erin was very knowlegable about our issue regarding taxes. She explained our information throughly and gave great information on how to proceed.

Thank you so much.

Barbara Hayley

I have used Kreig now for a few months, my experience with Kreig and his team is superb. He is the most knowledgeable tax attorney I have ever spoken with and he says it is a calm and nice way to understand. He is patient and he seems to care about making sure everyone is taken care of, very out of the norm for his industry. I will continue to use Kreig for my business and for my many clients. Thank you Kreig for all that you have done so far.

E Rodriguez

I met with Ms. Breaux. She made me feel at ease during meeting. Although I did not need to hire her to assist with my situation. She did recommend some possible solutions to my pending issue. Her time is highly appreciated.

Sonya Finney

I was referred to Attorney Kreig by another business owner. He is a great listener and took the time to research a very complex estate tax situation that I am dealing with. I was most impressed by his follow-up on the outcome weeks after he provided me feedback. I would definitely recommend him.

Suree Reynolds

Lawyer Kreig was great. He answered all my questions and concerns. I am highly recommend this lawyer and I will consult him for any tax related concerns and problems.
Thank you so much for helping me.

Gerardo Medina

Kreig is the most honest professional I have ever dealt with. Before meeting him, I hired one of those 5 star CPAs for an in person IRS audit who overcharged and under-delivered. Kreig was kind enough to review my case during a FREE face-to-face consultation and provided valuable guidance. I highly recommend you sit down with this former IRS attorney before hiring a CPA to handle any IRS issue. Come to find out, his prices are way more reasonable and transparent than the many CPAs I interviewed. Thanks Kreig!!

David Gernand

Very helpful and courteous. I would definitely recommend Kreig to someone looking for a tax lawyer.

Charles Gendron

Had a great experience working with this law firm, very professional.

Geron Meeks

Kreig was very professional and helpful. I was not sure what to expect contacting a professional this from a google search, but I was pleasantly surprised and I highly recommend him. My experience was excellent.

Robert Belt

I’m the managing partner a CPA firm and have 30 years of experience as a CPA. When I encountered a problem with the IRS that could not be resolved, I solicited recommendations from my peers and interviewed a number of attorneys. Kreig was my choice because of straight forward approach. His fees are reasonable, he is highly knowledgeable, communicates well, and gets the results stated. I highly recommend Kreig.

Anthony M.

I consulted with attorney, Erin Breaux. She did a fantastic job explaining the law and was a great help. I recommend Ms. Breaux and the Kreig for any tax law issues.

Thao Thieu

I would recommend Kreig for any tax related.

Mary Ferguson

Very satisfied with initial consultation. Knowledgeable and helpful.

Van Truong

Kreig knows his laws very well and was a very courteous man. He helped me fix my IRS tax headache in no time. Many thanks to Kreig.

Joseph Estrada

Spot on service provided! From my first call into the office as a new client, to the timely response call from Kreig. Kreig invested his time to understand my legal need. He asked several questions and outlined very clearly a course of action that may lead us to resolve the matter. To add, he followed through within hours via two emails regarding his initial findings, including some further thoughts & questions. Moving forward, given his immediate display of professionalism & sincerity, and communication, I feel confident that in working with Kreig we may reach the outcome we need to satisfy the complexity & sense of urgency legal matter I am looking to resolve.

Asifiwe Photo & Video Production

I had a case with The IRS asking me to pay a lot of money, But Mr. Kreig assisted me and contact the IRS and it was resolve and his price is affordable. I have peace of mind
If you need a attorney, I will recommend him to you
Thanks Mr. Kreig for your help God bless you

Jerrett Bean

I recommend Kreig for any corporate legal advice. He is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Carlos Riveros

The great reviews are all true. I’m glad I found him.
What sets him apart?

  • A FREE face-to-face consultation.
  • Honesty and diligence.
  • Quick results and fair prices.
  • Constant communication, and even follow-up emails!
    It doesn’t get any better than this. My only regret was not finding him earlier.

Manuel Gonzalez

I had a call with Kreig and he answered all of my questions and helped me through a difficult situation. He is extremely helpful and courteous and I highly recommend him if you are looking for legal advice.

Christopher Quirante

Kreig fielded my call and listened carefully to my IRS problem then gave me advice right then and there without even charging me! He even gave me the actual IRS Code to back up his advice and said that in my situation I didn’t need any help but would gladly be there in the future should my situation change. I called several other tax relief services all of which wanted to charge me thousands of dollars but Kreig was the only one willing to listen and in doing so, he was able to understand my situation and give me an honest and accurate suggestion. He relieved my anxieties and gave me the confidence that I was on the right track! Highly recommend this firm!

Patrick McTigue

Kreig and his team are very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend their services to my friends looking for a Houston Tax Attorney. Kreig has been a trustworthy and friendly adviser and his services are priced well compared to other tax advisers and attorneys.

Elbert Holt

Kreig and his staff are awesome. They really helped me out with my tax situation. They got everything cleaned up and taken care of. I’ve now hired them to do my wife’s and my taxes on a yearly basis. This law firm will go above and beyond to meet your expectations. I recommend anyone looking for tax advice or help with their taxes, call them. They will definitely help you out.

Jonathan Wilder

Kreig has been the consummate professional in my dealings with him. Exceptionally knowledgeable and has frequently brought ideas to my attention to assist me personally and in my business. Definitely recommend.

Robert Van Someren

Recently I was looking for a tax attorney to help me with tax/business related questions and I contacted Kreig. He was very helpful. His knowledge, work and responsiveness were outstanding.

Ramin Milani

He is a very honest and great attorney. I recommended to all my friends and had a wonderful experience.

Adam Rogers

I have had the privilege of working with Kreig for a number of years.

Kreig is an individual with great integrity whom provides good value practical advice in an effective and highly efficient manner.

He volunteers substantial time to research papers and books so that his peers may better understand the practical application of highly complex taxation issues.

His business integrity is of the highest order.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kreig to anyone who is seeking a viable alternative to the ‘Big 4’ accounting firm value proposition.

Wes Kirkland

Kreig and his team not only do an outstanding job, but they make the process as streamline and convenient as possibl . Ive recommended to friends and colleagues who have the same opinio . Highly Recommended

jason sutter

I used Houston Tax Attorney to resolve some tax issues. They were very helpful and were with me every step of the way. The Houston Tax Attorney team was very knowledgeable and professional and was always there to answer any questions I had throughout the entire process. Everything is ok now. Feeling Happy. I would highly recommend them.

Kevin Martin

Houston Tax Attorney helped me to plan my tax, I’m grateful for the help they provided, they are the real helper! Thanks to the Houston Tax Attorney Team, you guys are awesome!

Dale Davies

Very professional team. Every person in the office was extremely professional. Houston Tax Attorney team was very realistic and didn’t over-promise anything. They solved my tax problem in a short time period. I’d recommend this firm to everyone.

Lisa Roy

Very professional team. Great staff and very reasonable price! They were able to quickly understand the problem I was having and were very knowledgeable, they provided strong legal advice and were able to resolve my problem with a much better outcome than I expected. Thanks Houston Tax Attorney team.

Gerald Thompson

I didn’t know what to expect when I contacted Houston Tax Attorney. After meeting them, what I received was the best service that I have ever received from any company throughout my entire life. They were honest, trustworthy and lived up to every word that they said. I am so grateful to Houston Tax Attorney, hats off to all of you guys you are all AMAZING!!!!!!!

Sharon G. Velasco

I had some big tax issues and I was unable to handle it alone. Houston Tax Attorney helped me to settle all my tax problems. They were there all the way. I respect their professionalism and appreciate their commitment to their clients.

Brown Jones

Houston Tax Attorney has given me my life back. I was unable to pay my payroll taxes and in combination with the penalties attached to those taxes, my debt had begun to snowball. Houston Tax Attorney genuinely cares about their clients; they helped me throughout the process. I am extremely grateful to them.

Bill Moore

I want to Thank Houston Tax Attorney team. They took care of my IRS issues with great professionalism. No more sleepless nights. Thank you Guys!

Sandra Camacho

I had a tax problem and needed help, so I went to Houston Tax Attorney. Love the team, they were so organized and communicated. Good work was done!

James Parker

Houston Tax Attorney was the company I contacted to resolve my several-years-old tax debt that I was unable to pay no matter how hard I tried. They did a lot for me. They took care of everything. They explained how it works and did what they say. I am so glad I called Houston Tax Attorney. They are GREAT!!!

Grga Brolih

I was a bit hesitant at first because I had not really done any research, just my friend told me about Houston Tax Attorney. Anyway i decided to give them a try and I was really impressed and pleased with the outcome of my experience. They were always very pleasant and professional and made me feel free from my tax issues. Good job!

Turman Villanueva

Dealing with Houston Tax Attorney was simple from the beginning to the end. Every person I spoke to was knowledgeable and helpful. I was guided in all aspects of the process and given the best advice regarding my tax condition. I have been given a second chance with the IRS. Thank you.

Laraine Ball

My husband and I are extremely happy with the understanding and compassion we received from them. This has been an incredibly hard year. Fortunately, we found this company on an internet search, and they agreed to give us a free consultation. We both are not legal or tax savvy people, but the people we spoke with were explanatory without being condescending. We appreciate their kindness and applaud their efforts. We recommend this company whole-heartedly

Jessica Risvold

I truly enjoyed the professionalism and knowledge of this law group. Their website explained everything in a way I could understand and follow easily which was the reason I chose them for my probate case. The attorney I talked to was very polite and professional and knew what she was talking about which made me comfortable with my decision to follow through with them for my probate. I would highly recommend them if you need help with probate and wills.

Juanita Varela

Kreig was extremely professional during our phone call. I found him in order to discuss whether or not I needed a probate after my father’s passing and he had no will. He was very friendly, honest, and gave me great legal advice. He was very patient with all of the questions that I had. I know that if I ever need any services in the future, he will be the first lawyer I will reach out to. Highly recommend.

Brenda Lovell

I contacted another attorney prior to contacting this office. I was given outrageous costs for what I felt needed to be done. I was super surprised at not only the cost of service I needed but the extended amount of time that Kreig gave me to discuss over the phone pretty detailed and complicated information. I am so thankful for his time and efforts. I’m on a fixed income so I needed someone who would do the job well without costing more than I could pull together. OH, and he let me know we can pretty much do everything over the phone and internet, aside from 1 court visit!! WIN WIN. Thank you SO MUCH Kreig, you have no idea the burden you have lifted from my shoulders.

Genaro Adams

They helped me a lot in my tough family situations. I highly recommend them to everyone. You can hire an attorney from Houston Probate Attorney for any probate problem; you will get fast response from the court with their help. They managed probate process very well for me.

Richard Williams

They are absolutely excellent probate and estate planning attorneys. They helped me and my family with our will and probate issue and made everything very easy.

Jorja Shillinglaw

Houston Probate Attorney helped me to transfer the property to me with the effective way. I am greatly influenced by their work and would undoubtedly recommend them who are facing the issue related to their probate. They are the knowledgeable firms and negotiate deeply for my case.

shane wialliamson

I was suffering from a big trouble with my probate issues. Met many lawyers, but I was completely fed up with this critical situation. Then, my friend referred me to Houston Probate Attorneys. They handled my case with a great ease and helped me find out the best outcome to my probate issues. Now, I am really relaxed and can easily deal with my probate disputes with the help of such attorney.

Gregor Rex

I live in Houston; I was searching for the estate planning in order to get assured of my property for future. My friend recommended me to Houston Probate Attorney, yes, they are really helpful and is experienced Estate planning in Houston, Texas. Thank you so much.

Steffan Ethan

I had a great loss in my family. Later on, I deal with the will process, as I was not aware of the will heirs, I could get in a big trouble, but, Houston Probate Attorney helped me to this process. They had a great experience in the probate litigation. Thanks to Houston probate litigation attorneys for helping me in such a troubling situation.

Antonio Devin

Very supportive attorneys with a great experience! I would recommend them to everyone seeking help for probate issues in Houston because; Houston Probate Attorney did a wonderful job for me to handle my tricky tax situation. Thanks a lot!

Josephine Feen

Commendable!! Very prompt services and are exceedingly supportive!

Allen Woods

Helped us with the valuation of assets and validity of the will! The professional enabled us to process probate faster and easier.

Mark Carig

A whole lot of time and money was already wasted and yet I was not able to validate the will. Fortunately, the company helped us a lot with great solutions. Would surely recommend!!

Rick K Johnson

“Very cooperative! The attorney who looked over my case was very knowledgeable and guided me very well in every detail needed. Thanks for processing probate for me in so less a time.”

Mason Sizer

They are trustworthy and handled my case in a very efficient manner. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Junior Olyon

Excellent! The attorney helped me with everything involved in probate. I was majorly troubled because of my executive, but my attorney resolved my case very well. Can’t resist recommending them!!

James Parker

No doubt, my probate attorney was exceptionally well! Her subtle attention to minute things helped us to get incredibly positive results with the estate probate.

Paul Murphy

Very knowledgeable attorneys! My attorney handled my case very well and helped me deal with probate in a much easier way.

Anthony Frost

My attorney had excellent problem-solving skills. It helps when you are going through a difficult situation. Houston Probate Attorney has a great team and you would be very fortunate to have them represent you!

james brown

They were very proactive for helping me out with estate probate. With a very friendly attitude, they answered all my questions. Additionally, they displayed excellent negotiation in settling my case. I highly recommend Houston Probate Attorneys to those who want a professional guidance to solving probate related issues in Texas.

James Brook

They offered an unmatched support for validating the will. I am glad that I put the step forward for validating my father’s will and the attorney from this firm showed remarkable support and yielded positive results.

John Witcombe

Excellent support and services! Very knowledgeable attorneys who guided me well to navigate probate for my beneficiary.

Henry Garleki

We were to confront fights from argumentative attitudes of everyone in the family. A professional support is much needed to handle estate probate to avoid disputes. And Houston Probate Attorney is such a professional firm undoubtedly.

John Smith

Their expertise is of paramount value. They should definitely be looked to for any kind of probate help. They did an amazingly well job for me!!

wilsom deniss

Houston Probate Attorney is a firm with proficient attorneys. Right from the demise of my father-in-law, I doubted his will and wanted to validate it. The validation had been simple and easy in no way. One of the professional from Houston Probate guided me with effective steps and I am glad to prove my point fairly well.

Joy Clarke

Very knowledgeable lawyers! Not just they are skilled and proficient people but also their supportive nature makes you comfortable and open to ask anything you are doubtful about. Go ahead with them unhesitatingly!

Stanley Roach

They made probate simpler and faster for us. I got succeeded in getting my deceased father’s will validated which earlier seemed much complicated. They must be considered as they provide valuable navigation for probate processing.

Jayden Martin

I was already in a sucking situation when I tried getting the title over the estate after my father’s death. I would thank my friend who suggested me the lawyers of Houston Probate Attorney. The lawyers are really superior to any other attorney around in Houston.

Alex Tisdall

After my Grandmother passed away, I found that I needed to hire an attorney that could help me through the estate process. The Houston Probate Attorney has been fantastic and has guided me through the entire process. I am very grateful for their genuine concern for their clients And how hard they work to do what is best for us.

John Chew

To assist me with my complex probate matter, the team at Houston Probate Attorney were very attentive and supportive. They helped me to understand how and why delegate probate situations end up the way they do. They were very good at …More

Jennifer Hilton

I am glad that Houston Probate Attorney solved my complicated case while considering all the minute details. It was a wise decision to hire them. Thanks a lot!

Derek Bluford

They are indeed true professionals. With their support at hand, I could process the probate faster and in a more convenient way. You can choose them unhesitatingly for any probate barrier.

Dale Davies

Great probate administration! It was a relief to hire an attorney from Houston Probate Attorney. Probate process became faster and easier with their assistance. Thanks a ton!

harold shaffer

I would thank my friend who suggested me the lawyers of Houston Probate Attorney. The lawyers are really superior to any other attorney around in Houston. Our estate probate was never taken up by the court due to many stumbling blocks. Even after hiring professionals, it didn’t come to any conclusion. But the day we met experts at Houston Probate Attorney, the proceedings got simplified with each passing day. I am grateful!

Lisa Roy

It was a great assistance to appoint Houston Probate Attorney. I was challenged with a pretermitted child issue and was almost powerless when it came to claiming a share in the will. It was indeed a messy case but thanks to the lawyers of Houston Probate Attorney who tackled everything in an apt way.

James Bernal

They are very smart experts. We really had a tough time after my mother got deceased. We were despondent that her will would not be validated for the right result. But when an attorney from Houston Probate Attorney took up the entire litigation, we managed to get declared the property for its original owner and got it back. Thank you, experts!