We Help With Tax Debts, Back Taxes, & Unfiled Tax Returns

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We help taxpayers with unpaid tax debts and unfiled tax returns.

Nearly twenty percent of the population in the U.S. owe back taxes to the IRS or to one or more states. While it is easy to get behind on taxes, it is not always easy to come into compliance. Dealing with the IRS and state tax authorities can be time-consuming and stressful.

Our goal is not only to attempt to reduce the amount of taxes our clients owe, but to also reduce their anxiety and stress associated with their tax problems.

What Sets Us Apart

There are quite a few firms that do this type of work. Unlike many of those firms, many of our workers have actually worked for the IRS.

Our firm was founded by a former IRS attorney who also worked as an IRS appeals officer and auditor. There is no substitute for direct IRS experience. We have the experience you need.

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    • Deep tax knowledge
    • Unrivaled expertise in tax procedure and law
    • Expert negotiators who find creative solutions
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